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Nate’s School is Not Like Your School

Okay folks, Spy Factory is now available at Amazon in kindle format. And those who have been honing their spy skills can even find it on Goodreads. Releasing in paperback in July. Here’s the description:

Sixth-grader Nate Fischer never wanted to be a spy. But when a mysterious phone call lands him at a new school, he realizes that he doesn’t have a choice: his new school is a spy factory. He barely has time to learn his locker combination before his first mission plunges him into danger. A sinister organization is trying to destroy his school and take over the world, and Nate has only a few hours to stop the evil plot.

With just a backpack full of spy gadgets, a bit of spy training, and their own cunning to guide them, Nate and his partner Lucy follow a trail of secret messages in pursuit of the one thing that can save their school from destruction. As they are chased through subway tunnels and across rooftops, Nate and Lucy must race to complete their mission before it is too late. Cracking secret codes, evading capture, and battling enemy agents—sixth grade wasn’t supposed to be like this!


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Auggie Learns Latin

It is back-to-school time for Auggie. He has been on vacation all summer. No secret agent stuff, no code-breaking, no time-travel; just a bit of rest and relaxation.

Now he is ready to learn something. Summer is almost over. The Ticonderogas are freshly-sharpened, a stack of fresh notebooks is already waiting by the door, and the new lunch box is ready to go. Unfortunately for Auggie, the first day of school is still more than a week away.

What a great week, then, for a review of The Absolutely Amazing Adventures of Agent Auggie Spinoza to appear on This Kid Reviews Books. For one thing, “This Kid” (A.K.A. Erik) is one sharp ten-year-old. He and Auggie would get along great. They would spend their days cracking codes and their evenings reading books. It would be fun.

For another thing, it was a great chance for Auggie to learn something. Erik, you see, inserted a clever latin phrase in his review. Check it out HERE and feel free to let Erik know what you think of the review.  He assigned the book five out of five bookworms, which made Auggie feel great.

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