From Auggie’s Playlist: Trashcan

Every so often, Auggie needs some raw energy from his music. Nothing too orchestrated, not too over the top, just something that sounds like pure and spontaneous emotion.

That’s why he likes Delta Spirit. They are unrefined. They are rough around the edges. They probably don’t spend much time on hair care. But they have a youthful energy and raw emotion that sometimes suits Auggie just fine.

This song is not his favorite of theirs, but it’s on his playlist because he’s seen them perform it in a taxi cab. He listens to the studio version while he pictures this taxi cab version. It’s a little raw, but raw is OK .

The Black Cab Sessions are great. It’s especially fun when the musicians seem to be simultaneously playing music and enjoying a taxi ride. Even better when the driver is driving as if unaware that his passengers are trying to play music. Here, as a bonus, is one of Auggie’s favorite sessions.

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