From Auggie’s Playlist: Catch That Train

Auggie is growing up. He has discarded a lot of the things that defined his youth: the booster seat, A to Z Mysteries, and T-Ball are all in his past. But there are things from his childhood that he will never forget and that he can’t give up.

Among these are recess, snack time, and a few songs from Dan Zanes. While Dan Zanes no longer dominates Auggie’s playlist the way that he once did, a few songs have stuck around. Auggie can’t get rid of them. They are laden with happy memories. Plus, they’re fun.

“Catch That Train” is a perfect example. Yes, it’s syrupy-sweet. Yes, it’s a song for six-year-old kids. Yes, it’s sentimental and optimistic and a bit naive. Yes, teenagers would make fun of him if they know he listened to it. Auggie doesn’t care. He knows who he is. He doesn’t care what people say. He likes it. What do people have against childhood, anyway?

He knows the video is silly. He still likes it. Dan Zanes, “Catch That Train”

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