From Auggie’s Playlist: No Nostalgia

We all get nostalgic every so often. Auggie is no different. He likes thinking about the past. But only sometimes.

As those who have read about his adventures surely know, thinking about the past can sometimes be unsettling. Especially for Auggie. He’s been there.

That’s why he likes this song. It doesn’t exactly reject nostalgia, but it doesn’t dwell. It is forward looking. It is optimistic. It is resolute.

Auggie prefers it that way. He treasures the present and loves to anticipate the future. Looking back can be fun, but it can also dredge up some bad memories.

So straight form good old PDX, OR (Auggie doesn’t know what that means, but he heard a friend say it), here we go: AgesandAges, “No Nostalgia”. (Not a great video but, again, keep in mind that the IT staff around here isn’t exactly, you know, all that good at what they do).

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