From Auggie’s Playlist: Sun Songs

Auggie likes literate singer-songwriters. He prefers tapping his fingers and toes to tunes written by folks who read widely and write well.

That’s why he likes They Might Be Giants. These guys care about words. He’s pretty sure they read books.  They’re very articulate, and they’re definitely fun.

Auggie’s dad is an old fan, of course. He tells Auggie that there was a time when these guys recorded their songs on an answering machine and let people call in to listen to a track at a time. They called it “Dial-a-Song”. Cool story. Very New York City.

Auggie was skeptical at first. For one thing, this is a band that had already released an album for very little kids. For another, in case you weren’t reading carefully: his dad liked them. His dad! Do you like to listen to the same music that your dad listens to?

But then his dad played him one simple track and he was hooked. “I Am Not Your Broom”, that classic ode to the broom liberation movement, made Auggie a believer. These guys can write, he realized. And what’s more, they’re fun.

There are two songs, in particular, that he likes to put back to back on his playlist.

This one is always the first of the two:

Catchy tune, great use of words, a fun explanation of the sun. Problem is: it’s all a lie! The sun is not a mass of incandescent gas. It’s something else.

What’s so cool about these guys is that they found their mistake and they corrected themselves in the very same album. Wow. Here’s the correction:

How cool is that? A self-correcting band. It’s enough to make Auggie’s Science teacher and his English teacher giddy with excitment.

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