April’s Theme: Tunes from Auggie’s Playlist.

Auggie likes music.

Sure, he spends a lot of his time traveling through history, cracking codes, battling evil, and just generally saving the world from ruin.

But even a secret agent needs to chill out with some tunes every so often.

As a child of the post-Raffi era of kid-appropriate-but-not-adult-annoying era of music for kids, Auggie was raised on a musical diet dominated by Dan Zanes. For young Auggie, it was Dan Zanes 24/7/365, on car rides and lazy indoor afternoons, through speakers and ipod earbuds.

It was pretty good stuff, really, but Auggie is getting older. Dan Zanes no longer satisfies. Auggie’s playlist is getting more eclectic. His tastes are ever-changing. Don’t try to pin him down.

A few tunes seem to stick on the playlist, though. This month, he’ll share some samples with us.

They’ll be in the form of YouTube videos for the most part because, well, his crack IT staff is sort of lazy, and YouTube videos are easy to post.

It’s a good thing, really, because this first tune is one that he likes almost entirely because of the video (in fact, he doesn’t even really know the words).

Here it is: OK Go, “This Too Shall Pass”. What fun!

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2 thoughts on “April’s Theme: Tunes from Auggie’s Playlist.

  1. Hi Auggie, I’m a fan of OK Go too.
    All of their videos are so clever.

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