Decisions, decisions…paperback or e-book?

Auggie had a decision to make: did he want to be a paperback book or an e-book?

He decided being an e-book sounded fun. Peeking out from a Kindle, packed with note-taking features, able to sleep at the touch of a button, accompanied all the time by a built-in dictionary: what could be more cool than that? (Yes, he is a bit of a nerd).

And it was great. But only for a few months.

He soon realized that, for those folks without an ereader, he was invisible. So he asked himself: what is the point of looking cool if nobody can, you know, actually see your coolness?

Paper, the path not taken, began to beckon. He started to crave the feeling of paper and ink, the sound of a crisp page turning, even the physical trauma of the occasional dog-eared page. Yes, it sounded a bit old-fashioned. But then Auggie always did like antiques, museums, and history. He started to think that being a paperback book might suit him just fine.

Then it hit him: he could be both. He didn’t really have to choose at all. All he needed to do was convince a certain someone to talk his people into a few formatting changes here and a few cover changes there, a bit of printing here and a bit of glue there, a new ISBN number here and a bar code there and without much effort on his part, he could be a living, breathing paperback book.

So, with a convincing tone and the help of a few bags of potato chips and a couple of gallons of spumoni ice cream, he got his wish. 

Auggie is now available in paperback.

You will find him at Amazon, and he’ll soon make his way over to your favorite bookseller. It might take him a few weeks. It’s a long walk, and he’s tired. Spinning through that printing press can take away a guy’s energy.

(You may be asking yourself what all this has to do with this month’s theme of middle school memories. Not much really, except this: when I was in middle school, we didn’t face choices like this.)

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One thought on “Decisions, decisions…paperback or e-book?

  1. Hey Auggie ……. Great news. Soon you’ll be on bookshelves everywhere. ……. Congrats.

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