Tater Tots

In February I focused on fantastic first sentences in children’s literature. There were some good ones. It was hard to stop. But, a new month means a new theme.

March will be about memories of middle school. As a writer of middle grade fiction who conjures up tales of kids either approaching middle school or experiencing middle school, I always am struck by particular memories or images of my own days in middle school. Some of those are literary, some are more generally academic, and others have nothing at all to do with the academic side of life in middle school.

Take Tater Tots, for example. If I had to list the top five things I associate with middle school, the aroma of Tater Tots wafting through hallways and classrooms would be at the top of the list. Nothing can distract a kid from Algebra class like the scent of frying potatoes. The anticipation of the crispy, brown, slightly oily, very salty lunchtime treat was just too much for my powers of concentration to overcome. So, while I may not remember a whole lot from sixth grade Algebra class, I do remember this: fried potatoes + salt + cool ketchup = tasty goodness. Yum.

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